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Urban Exhibition Formats

09 | 2015 – 07 | 2016

Urban Exhibition Formats are the result of a field research which I did with design students of the Hochschule Niederrhein. After dealing with exhibition formats in museums, e.g. the white cube or the salon-style hang, the students examined ways of staging in public spaces.

We discovered and categorized about 30 formats. For example, there is the category of vacant exhibition spaces and empty display windows, that reminded of white space in the museum. The category of light projections allowed comparison to the so-called black box. Light during the night stages the city from a different perspective with a new focus. In the category of urban assemblages and exhibits of coincidence, even an umbrella can turn into an exhibit, just because of a shift in context.

To make the research public, we opened an archive with bureaucratic name and appearance. As reviewed by local press the ›Dokumentationsstelle für urbane Ausstellungsformen‹ appeared to belong to an archivist working precisely as a detective.

Platzda Raum für Gestaltung

Hochschule Niederrhein

Design of print media: 

Clemens Brück


Students of HSNR

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