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Performative Experiments

01 | 2015 – ongoing

I am doing research on performative methods for design. 

What happens when designers act users or involve others to act? I am looking at methods like ›Puppet Theatre‹, ›Bodystorming‹, ›Simulation‹, ›Re-Enactment‹ or ›Multistakeholder Scenario‹. My special interest lies in methods when designers step into the role of non-living artifacts.

Instead of looking for methods that solve problems, I am in the first place interested in experimental techniques that visualize problems and processes. 

I assume that performative methods in design research are able to make complex problems transparent. This entails for example, conflicts concerning the ecological crisis or invisible correlations in technological environments. 


Raquel Benmergui

Workshop at the international seminar ›Theatre in Design‹.

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