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Design Fiction – NoMeat

04 | 2022 – 07 | 2022


NoMeat is a pill helping people to reduce their meat consumption. After ingestion, consumers develop a meat allergy for one year. The only way to combat this allergy is another costly pill: YesMeat – it provides a one-day break from self-inflicted stress.

NoMeat is a Design Fiction by the two master students Jule Jensen and Carolin Hecht of the seminar ›Sustainable Interaction Design‹, I held together with Matthias Laschke. To provoke reactions, the product was advertised on various platforms (instagram, product website) and realistically integrated into a corporate history.


NoMeat reflects the absurdity that we need outside authorities to be healthy with our bodies and environment. Who earns from our lack of consistancy?


Jule Jensen, Carolin Hecht

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