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Mobile Eating

06 | 2008 – 09 | 2008

›Mobile Eating‹ is an international design research project and took place in Taipei and Cologne. It is part of ›Cultural Library‹ a platform by Prof. Tadanori Nagasawa and Prof. Hiroshi Imaizumi that investigates and analyzes phenomena, products, habits and processes of everyday life in different countries.

›Mobile Eating‹ was accomplished in an international team. It started in June 2008 with an exhibition in Cologne. We exhibited products and research results from Taiwanese designers about urban mobility. From August to September 2008 I went as part of a German team to Taipei, in order to start another series of research. We observed and analyzed habits of mobile eating in Taipei and came up with concepts that react to the research findings. The research was constantly reflected with designers from Taiwan. It was completed by an exhibition at Shih-Chien University in Taipei. 

German Team:

Svenja Brüggemann,

Judith Dörrenbächer,

Johannes Schott,

Jessica Stihl,

Rafael Swiniarski

Köln International School of Design

Shih-Chien University Taipei



Exhibition in Cologne.

Exhibition of research results in Taipei.

Excerpt of research publication.

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