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Meaningful Futures with Robots



Soon, robots will leave the factories and make their way into living rooms, supermarkets, and care facilities. They will cooperate with humans in everyday life, taking on more than just practical tasks. How should they communicate with us? Do they need eyes, a screen, or arms? Should they resemble humans? Or may they enrich social situations precisely because they act so differently from humans?


›Meaningful Futures with Robots: Designing a New Coexistence‹ provides insight into the opportunities and risks that arise from living with robots in the future, anchored in current research projects on everyday robotics. As well as generating ideas for robot developers and designers, it also critically discusses existing theories and methods for social robotics from different perspectives - ethical, design, artistical and technological – and presents new approaches to meaningful human-robot interaction design.

As editor, I not only developed the concept of the anthology, but also coordinated the work of the publisher and of the approximately 60 contributors (authors, designer, illustrator).

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