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01 | 2012 – 10 | 2012 

Import/Export is a curatorial concept for the project space ›Venus&Apoll‹ of the ›Julia Stoschek Collection‹ in Düsseldorf.

The concept presents the work and strategies of five different artist collectives, that pretend to run companies. The ambiguous motivation of the artists questions the concept of art and the current aesthetic strategies of image cultivation.


The exhibition addresses five areas of tension:

- entrepreneurship and authorship

- self-dramatization and masquerade

- fiction and hyper-affirmation

- parasitism and camouflage

- irony and post-irony

Not only the artists irritate the borders between art and economy or staging and authenticity,  but also ›Venus&Apoll‹. Due to the fact that its former lives as a banking branch and a hair dressers salon always shine through, the project space can be called ›musée trouvé‹.


Julia Stoschek Collection

Pictures of ›Venus&Apoll‹: 

Şirin Şimşe

Excerpt of the concept book.

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