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Autopsy of Things

05 | 2015 

Autopsy of Things is a workshop format which I created and led with Pina Dietsche. With design students from Hochschule Niederrhein we looked for the unknown location of the soul. Similar as the anatomists of the 15th century, we examined bodies. However, contrary to them, we examined no human beings but objects. The students experimented with unconventional research methods. For example, they separated objects into smallest components or decontextualized the object's organs to let them develop a life of their own.

It became obvious: Soul searching cannot be done by doing research about objects but when being in a dialogue with them. Instead of discovering objective locations, students came up with subjective relations to the previously invisible.

The documentations of the examinations were exhibited during the conference Ensouled Things. Design from the perspective of animism. A booklet accompanied the exhibition.


Pina Dietsche


Livia Bangel, Pina Dietsche, Judith Dörrenbächer, Kai Büning, Madeleine Degenhardt, Oliver Hinzmann, Tobias Nünninghof, Maja Wojdyla

Excerpt of the booklet that accompanied the exhibition.

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