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Archive of Transition

07 | 2015 – 12 | 2015


Archive of Transition is a project supported by the Goethe Institute Georgia. It aims at researching and documenting social transformation in Tbilisi. The project is a collaboration by Georgian and German journalists and artists.

As part of the German team, I curated and coordinated the contributions of the participants. Furthermore, I conducted fieldwork in Tbilisi, for example, by inviting elderly people of Tbilisi to reenact their former trips to work. I accompanied them to reflect the architectural but also the political and social changes of the city.

The result of the project is a continuously growing archive that can be accessed online. 

Goethe Institute Georgia



Judith Dörrenbächer

The field research in Tbilisi is mapped and implemented into an online archive.

Mariam of our international team translates an interview with a former scientist of the cybernetic institute. 

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